If you are experiencing audio issues such as audio distortion, intermittent audio, vibration, or no audio from your laptop speakers. I hope the following steps will help you solve your audio problems and sometimes working and sometimes not working. this is happening due to Windows update issues or audio drivers being corrupted. in this article, each thing you explain step by step providing 6 ways to fix the audio issues in Windows 11 and no doesn’t matter whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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I hope the below steps might help you to resolve the sound issues

   Step 1:  Run the Audio troubleshooter

1. Go to the taskbar search bar and type troubleshoot audio, and then click Find and fix audio playback problems.

Click Next to follow the on-screen instructions Review and continue if the problem is not resolved

Please check and proceed further next steps if the issue is not resolved

     Step 2: Uninstall and Reinstall the Audio Drivers

1. In the search bar, type device manager.

2.Open Device Manager and click the View tab, then click Show hidden device

3. Look at the audio inputs and outputs

4. Double-click Audio Driver (Speakers)

5. Click Uninstall Device

Note: If a check box appears, select Remove the driver software for this device

If you see one or more audio (Speakers) drivers you should uninstall all drivers which under audio input & outputs options.

6. After uninstalling, reboot the system and check if the problem is solved


Step 3: Update the drivers and BIOS from the system support site.

The most important thing that the system must have the latest drivers are installed or up to date to run the computer smoothly without any bugs on your computer you can go to your computer manufacturing support site and enter the serial number or machine number and follow the onscreen instructions and update the drivers.

Make sure your system has the latest updates either drivers or Windows if the issue is still the same issue you can follow these steps

    Step 4: Restart Audio Services

Restarting the audio services can resolve the audio issue follow the steps below and restart the audio services and make sure in startup type should be Automatic.

1. Windows audio 2. Remote method 3.Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
Select each of the above offerings
1. Pressing the Windows key and the R key together Open the RUN command
2. Type Services.msc and press Enter

3. In the Services option, locate Windows Audio Services and restart the services

4. Follow the same steps for the rest of the services, restart when done, reboot your system, and check whether your system audio issue cleared or not.

   Step 5: Disable sound enhancement in Windows 10 and Windows 11

We Recommended Disables audio enhancements that ensure smooth audio playback without distortion,        jitter, or choppy audio.

Here are the steps on how to disable sound enhancement.

1. Type Control Panel in the taskbar search box, and then select Control Panel from the menu.

2. Go to hardware scan

3. Click Change system sound

4. Click Playback Select speakers and go to Properties

5. Click on Advanced

6. Uncheck Enable Audio Enhancement

Here are the steps to disable audio enhancements in Windows 11

1. Go to Hardware and Sound.

2. Go to Audio Properties

3. Choose Advanced and Disable All Audio Enhancements.

still audio not working even following the above all steps you should run the audio diagnostic test from outside windows if you heard an audio beep then here it is clear to nothing was found an issue with the hardware so you need to restore the system or reinstall the windows. if audio is not hearing during the audio hardware diagnostic test then you should contact the manufacturer support for part replacement if within warranty or you reach out to the service center.


Step 6: System Restore

You can restore the system if the issue is still not resolved even after performing all possible steps and no faulty hardware is found there could be with the operating system so reinstalling Windows will resolve many issues follow the link on how to perform a system restore, Windows reset and clean installation on your computer without data loss, follow the link to briefly for Windows reinstallation.

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