How to Disable Bitlocker on Dell, HP, Lenovo & Acer.

If you are forgetting the Bitlocker recovery key or the system asking for the Bitlocker recovery key even if you do not Configure it with BitLocker this newsletter facilitates you discover the important thing and you should disable the Bitlocker when you have now no longer further.


Basically, Bitlocker is stored in your Microsoft account you could log in to your Microsoft account with the proper credentials then you can discover Bitlocker.


The system may ask Bitlocker even if you do not configure the Bitlcoker I hope the below steps help you to resolve the Bitlocker.

1. Reset the BIOS defaults.

1. Restart the system and press the F2 key or press the Fn+F2 key for having access to the BIOS menu.

You click on BIOS defaults or Press F9 to set the defaults

You can refer to this article on how to access the BIOS menu for Lenovo, HP & Acer.

2. Make sure Enable Secure Boot option is enabled in BIOS


3. Go to BIOS, click security from the left menu, and deselect the PTT turn on under PTT security.


4. Make sure all BIOS settings are correctly configured so that could be the system starts normally.


5. Click on Apply Changes and you can check if the system is able to boot into Windows.



You can disable the Bitlocker from the Advanced recovery option

Before you access the Advanced recovery console you should turn off the system by pressing & hold the power button when you manufacturer’s logo.

You can repeat the same from 2 to 4 times then the system triggers the Auto recovery console.

  1. Click on Troubleshoot


2. Select the Advanced option

3. Select the UEFI firmware setting and hit enter then restart the system and check.


Turn off Bitlocker from the settings


  1. Go to the control panel.

2. Click on system & security


3. Click on Bitlocker drive encryption, you can turn off Bitlocker if you have an encryption key or PIN it decrypts the drives and it is no longer protected.



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