The battery report explained about Battery status and pinned up the exact issue with the battery and how the Battery performed well and where Battery drawing More, For Generating the Battery Report you should charge the Battery up to 100% and then disconnect the charger and use it for some time until the battery drains 10% or 5% by doing this you can check the battery’s exact backup time and where the battery drains.

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Here are Simple steps on How to Generate the Battery Report

Step 1: In the search box, you can type CMD and open it from there or press the Windows key and R key together (Windows key + R key at the same time) and type CMD and hit the Enter key now CMD (Command prompt opening)

Step 2: Once open CMD (Command Prompt) then type the below command or copy and paste it over there.

“powercfg/batteryreport” then hit enter and now Downloading the battery report

battery reportStep 3: Once generated report battery life file can save in the C drive

battery reportTo read the battery report open the file path as mentioned in the above picture

Open file explorer

Open C drive and navigate the path Windows\system32\battery-report.html

Click open via Microsoft Edge Browser or Chrome.

battery report

The battery report, explained battery capacity section-wise and it included general battery information such as name, manufacturer, design capacity, and full charger capacity.

It is most important that around 50 percent full charge capacity of the design capacity you can consider the battery replacement.

Recent Usage

Recent usage states that the last 3 days which are showing start time, state, source & battery capacity mWh includes Active & Suspended this report records when the system is active, and when the system went sleep mode, record the source whether battery or charging with an AC adapter.

Battery recent usage

The battery source is referred to when removing the charger, and the AC record starts mWh You can also refer to the battery graph so that it is indicated when the laptop is active.


Usage History

Usage History records the health of the battery as well as the AC adapter the report generates automatically every week how the battery usage during the active and it helps you to find how battery health checking.

battery report

 Battery life estimates

The battery life estimates are the last report which explains the battery life and usage of the regular where you click on the battery icon in the operating system you will know the estimate of the battery backup.



This article in details explained battery life usage and how to generate the battery report, reading the battery report one by one however the battery is a consumable product that reduces the battery life depending on the usage before replacing the battery you can generate the battery report and can see the design capacity and full charger capacity.

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