What is a No post?

This article explained everything step by step on how to fix no post issue this is a major issue when the system failed to check the series of the computer.

No post is nothing simply called Power On Self-test, when you try to press the power button the system starts checking a series of internal hardware components checking. if any one of them fails to check the components then the system didn’t boot the Windows, only can the lights are up there is nothing on the Display.

How to identify the No post

No post (power on self-test) issue can easily identify the symptoms on your computer follow the below steps to identify the no post.

When you press the power button the keyboard light up, capslock led on but there is no display on the screen you can if the power light up or the charging port light blinks sometimes you can hear the beep sound coming from your system.

Identify the exact hardware failure on your computer you may follow a few things to fix the No post failure generally the issue occurred due to RAM failure or other hardware components.


Unplug the External Devices

Connecting External devices can cause the failure of power on self-test you should disconnect the external peripherals one by one and then check if you can see the display on the screen because incompatibility hardware results post failure (Power on-self test)

Make sure that all external devices should be disconnected safely and observe the post-failure cause of the hardware.

Finding signs of power

Many users face no post or no power it suddenty screen turns off while working on the computer there frustrated with the computer when suddenly goes off in such situations we think it smart to find the resolution.

When you press the power button you should check if there are any signs of power or not if any sign of power on your computer you can check these things

  1. Power LED blinks.
  2. The laptop Charging port light blinks, if you are using a Desktop you can check the CPU power LED indication.
  3. The caps lock light turns on & off when toggling the key.
  4. Find the Beep sound and check the number of times the beep is heard.


Perform a Hard Reset

Hard reset helps you to release the static power built into the system to hard reset follow the below step-by-step guide provided.

  1. Turn off your computer by pressing and holding the power button for 15 seconds.
  2. Make sure that your computer turns off and wait for 20 seconds
  3. Then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds then check if the system is able to boot the windows.


Reinsert the RAM

Almost no post issue occurred due to a loose connection between RAM and Motherboard if you are able to remove Laptop Back Cover with the Help of the Tiny Screw Driver you can remove the laptop back cover safely with the help of the screwdrivers and replace the RAM (Random Access Memory) and Hard disk and clean the Air vents with the help of the Air blower.

If you do not know how to remove the back cover you can refer to the system service manual from the manufacturing site to follow the safety instructions.

For Desktop

There is a possible loose connection between the RAM slot or loose connection between a hard drive and the motherboard you can easily reinsert the RAM

  1. Remove the CPU cover with the help of the screwdriver.
  2. Make sure you properly remove the RAM and clean the dust or any debris on the motherboard and RAM slot.
  3. Also, you can check if a loose connection is found between a hard drive and Motherboard.
  4. If cleaning the motherboard properly or blowing the CPU then fix the RAM properly.
  5. Fix it back CPU cover and plug-in power source then wait for 10 seconds and turn on the power back and check if you are able to see the display on the screen.

If still no display you can reach the service center or call a technician for onsite repair to resolve the no-post issue.



How to identify the No post?

You can easily know the No post (Power on-self test) by identifying the beep code, fan running but no display, light blinks, etc.

Is the No Post issue serious?

No, this is a common issue for all brand laptops so no serious issue with the No Post, update the drivers in a timely manner for hassle-free.

What is the sign of power?

Power indicates on such as power LED, keyboard backlit, caps lock LED when you press the power button your computer.

Why laptop is not posting?

The hardware-compatible issue on your computer can results in no post error you can disconnect the external components or internal components to isolate the issue.

Why beep sound coming from the computer?

A beep sound comes when you turn on the computer which means completely hardware components fail such as RAM the beep comes in certain patterns like a long beep and a short beep.

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