Battery strength reduces gradually after usage of the laptop when compared to start to use and Battery strength or life goes down day by day while using and checking your laptop’s age or battery, unfortunately, manufacturers shipped with a 1-year warranty on the Battery and Battery backups depending on the usage, and the number of times charging.

The Laptop Battery gives more efficient power when you are not connecting to the AC adapter or charger you can carry the laptop for some time you can work without a charger.

Are you experiencing battery-related problems like Battery discharging soon, Battery backup doesn’t give for 1 hour or 2 hours, or even 30 minutes, this article helps you follow a few provided steps on how to increase battery life on your laptop.

Here is a guide for you to troubleshoot if you’re experiencing any issues with the battery

Here are Simple Solutions.

 Run Windows Battery Troubleshooter

1. Go to the search bar and type Control panel and open from the menu.

2. You navigate troubleshooter and click on the troubleshooter and click on it

3. Click on System and Security

Battery Troubleshooter

4. Then Click on Power

5. You should click on Next and you can follow the Onscreen Instructions.

6. Restart the System once Finished

Check The Battery Health status 


For accessing BIOS Menu.

1. Restart your system and repeatedly tap the F2 Key or combination of the Fn+F2 key when you see your system manufacturer’s logo.

2. After you entered BIOS Menu you can see the Battery health condition whether it is Excellent, Good, or Poor.

If Battery Health is poor then replace the new Battery and Don’t Perform any further steps unless or until you may waste your time you can contact the laptop manufacturer support or local service center for a Battery replacement if the laptop is still under brand warranty.

If the Battery Health might be is Excellent or Poor then you need to follow some more troubleshooting to improve your Battery performance or improve the Battery Running time.

Update your system Drivers and Windows.

There are main reasons for draining the Battery fast is due to outdated Drivers, corrupt drivers, high brightness, or Windows so you need to update the latest Drivers from the system application or manufacturer support site and install the latest drivers once installed all required drivers you can restart your laptop and observe the Battery backup running time.

Uninstall the Microsoft ACPI Driver of the Battery.

1. You click on the search bar and type Device Manager and open it from the menu options.

Alternatively simply right Click on Windows Button then open Device Manager from the list.

2. Locate the Batteries and then double-click on the Battery or Expand it.

3. Locate the (ACPI) Microsoft ACPI Complaint Control Method Battery.

4. Right Click on the ” Microsoft ACPI Complaint Control Method Battery” and then Click on Uninstall the Device.

Note: Provide the tick mark on the check box if pops up Delete the Software Driver For this device.

Restart the System and Observe the Battery draining issue

Note: Windows will attempt to reinstall the Driver Automatically after restarting the System so manual driver installation is not required you can relax it while the system restarting.

Step 5: You should observe which applications causing consumes more Battery in the task manager.

1. Right Click on the Windows button and click on the Task Manager from the list.

alternatively, you could open the task manager by another method.

Open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

2. Check Which application Consumes more power.


If you may see any more applications which causing eating the Battery unnecessarily then it is a good idea to uninstall or close the application if you are not using more and you can restart the system.



1. Why Is My Laptop Battery Draining Fast?

There are various reasons for the Battery getting draining like Incorrect power settings, high brightness, and CPU high usage, you can increase the Battery life by adjusting these three settings.


2. How many years does the Battery come under warranty?

Actually, the Battery comes with a one-year warranty, and depending on the manufacturer’s support, the Battery is a consumable piece of the Battery backup depending on the operating system and usage of the system.


3. How can I improve my laptop battery?

Yes! you can improve Battery backup by reducing brightness, changing the power plan settings, less usage of applications at a time & disabling high-end usage applications.


4. What is an average Battery backup?

On average, the typical Battery running time minimum of 90 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the usage and number of times the Battery is charged.


5. How do identify the Battery Swollen & is it safe to use?

Actually, the laptop Battery is fixed under the keyboard or touchpad you may be noticed that your laptop keyboard starts wobbly & touchpad alignment if you noticed the Battery swollen stop immediately using the Battery comes with lithium-ion technology you can contact the laptop manufacturer for disposing of the Battery.

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