RAR files can open compressed files and unzipped files if you have received bulk files through mail attachment in a single folder it is simply called rar files this article help you step by step on how to open rar files and how to extract the zip files in windows 10.


What is a RAR file?

RAR files can extract bulk files within minutes depending on the size of the file it avoids consuming more time for the last few years using rar files by company organizations.

Other people send bulk files or folders RAR files can help us to extract all files in a single folder such as documents, photos, and other files to extract the files or unzip files you all need to install the RAR software on your computer.


How to install the RAR application?

Most people recommended using Win RAR software but only a few peoples do extraction through an online process you can download the win rar software from Google once download you can run setup to install the Win RAR

RAR file

Select the option you required in the feature and click on install


After successful completion of the setup, you will see the message “Thank you for using WinRAR



How to extract the files or unzip files?

Once installed WinRAR software we always recommended you restart the system before using it after

restarting the system you can open the files where you would extract the files.

Select the file which files you want to extract and right click on the file and click on Extract files


After unpackage you’ll see another folder where you can open individually which is very time-consuming and prevents individual files from being downloaded.

Win RAR files

How to open RAR files on Mac computers?

If you are using Mac computers you can download the Win Zip software for Mac users once downloaded you can save the file and open it to install the software.

Click on unzip button to extract the files

You can see the drop-down menu and choose the unzip files on your Mac

Finder style will open and choose the destination path where you would save the files

You can now unzip the file or folder which you need actually.


Extract the file online

You can extract the files even online without installing any software on your computer you can search extract file online and open the ezyzip or unzip online

Select the appropriate files you want to extract or extract the file by clicking the “Select zip file to extract

Browse the file to extract the files

Select the file and click ok and follow the onscreen instructions to extract the files.




How to convert a RAR file to a PDF file?

There is an easy process to convert the PDF file simply you can go RAR file website and click

on the convert application and click on upload the file which you would convert the file to PDF.


Does the system safe if installs Win RAR?

Yes, there is no harm on your computer you can install the software and use it without any fear there is only a problem if you extract malicious or virus files.


How to Repair the Win RAR files?

Run repair the Win RAR might resolve your issue below are steps on how to repair the Win RAR application.

Open the Win RAR application on your computer and right-click on the file that you were unable to extract file click open the RAR option and click on repair after clicking on tools once you finished the entire process you might restart the system.


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