This article explained step by step how to reinstall Windows 10 or Windows 11.


Your laptop or system facing issues with the windows or not performing well as expected this happens might cause windows to corrupt, missing files or it may cause a virus. Here are full details about windows reinstallation or system reset.


Some key point’s before you Reinstall the Windows

  • I would suggest taking a backup before you reset the windows or reinstall the windows, we recommend first backing up the data and then proceeding to reset or reinstall the windows
  • You can move the personnel files from the local disk to an external storage or Pendrive
  • You can also back up to Microsoft One Drive

Steps how to Backup One Drive

  1. Select Blue Cloud Icon on the Windows notification area or look at the right bottom side.


2. Click on Help & Settings


3. Click on Settings

4.  Click on Manage Backup




5. You can select which files or folders you would back up the data or personnel files.



Here is how to Reset the Windows from the settings

1. Go to the Search bar and type “setting” and click on the setting or Simply Press the Windows key + I  key to open the settings

2. Click on Update & security





3. In the left pane click on Recovery




4. Under Reset this PC click on Get Started and follow the onscreen instructions


Note: Before you reset the check battery percentage, if the battery is low or the system not charging condition then do not reset the laptop first charge the laptop to at least 50% then proceed to reset without fear.



How to reinstall the Windows Using Bootable Pendrive


This method will delete or wipe your personnel files so back up your data on the external storage and proceed with the steps carefully.

Create a Bootable USB media

8GB or 16 GB required to create Bootable Pendrive

  1. Go to the Microsoft Support website or search Windows reinstall in the search box.



2. Download the Windows ISO file or image 11 under create windows 11 media and accept then download 64-bit Windows.


Once started downloading then you need to wait for some time it will take some time to finish downloading once successfully downloaded the ISO file then you start the Create Bootable Pendrive.


Here are simple steps on how to create a Bootable Pendrive or Bootable media.


  1. Download “RUFUS” from the internet and open the “RUFUS”



2. Please click on the Download and select Windows 11

3. Under partition select GPT and target system by default UEFI

4. Select your Pendrive under the volume label and don’t click anything under cluster size and the file system is by default NTFS.

5. Click on Start



You also created from the Microsoft website by the simple method


  1. Connect Pendrive.
  2. Go to the Microsoft support site and go to the Microsoft download center page.



3.  Download and save the file in a local drive like D, or E drive, and don’t save in the Local Disk C.

4. open the downloaded file and run the executable file and click on yes if prompted by UAC.

5. Select language and edition and click on next.


6. Choose a USB flash drive and click on Next.


7. Select the USB from the below list and click on next and follow the onscreen instructions.



Now can start the Windows reinstallation steps using the media creation tool or Pendrive.

  1. Connect Pendrive and restart the system.



2. You get this screen after pressing any key to boot from Pendrive.


3. Select the language, and country & select the keyboard method then click on next.


4. Click On Install Now.



5. Next activate Windows by entering the License key.

6. Click on Next and accept the License terms and click on next.


7. Follow the onscreen instructions and select Custom Install.



8. Select the partition that you want to create.

Click on new and make a partition for C Drive 100 GB


9. Click on Apply then click on ok and select the drive that you have partitioned the drive..

10. Now Windows install Setup initiating.



11. When Windows setup is complete it will ask to restart the System.


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