Drivers are the most crucial role in the computer to function properly and communicate between software and hardware if you’re experiencing your computer failing to install drivers or some drivers getting failing or sometimes errors or corruption the drivers.

Typically Windows will detect the drivers automatically from the Windows update library however sometimes Windows update can’t recognize the latest device drivers due to the operating system issue this time you can update the drivers manually.

The drivers installation process is many ways to update the drivers including device manager, Windows update & auto updates from the manufacturer support application.

In this article, we’ll explain everything about device drivers what causing for drivers to fail to install, and how to update the drivers on your computer with various steps.


What is a device driver?

Device drivers or drivers are essential for the computer to function hardware properly with the operating system without bugs noticed all hardware components require drivers installation such as Graphics, keyboard, mouse, touchpad, and other external peripherals.


How to update the drivers

Although the latest updates drivers on your computer it will take some time to detect the drivers that appear in Windows update sections we recommended you can update the drivers manually if still you can’t see the latest updates these processes need to be done to prevent operating system and hardware issues.

Updating drivers can help you prevent computer hardware problems and protect against cyber attacks from exploiting your device.

Here step by step guide on how to update the drivers from the Device Manager:

  1. Go to Device Manager by right click on the Start button.

Device Manager

2. You can click on the view tab and must select “Show Hidden Device“.

3. You can select a category of the drivers which you want to update.

4.  Once you selected drivers then right click on update driver

5. Restart the System once the drivers updated

If the operating system couldn’t find any new drivers, you can edit the device drivers from your computer manufacturing support site.


Update drivers from Windows update

1. Open system settings by pressing the Windows + I key.

2. Click on Update & Security option.

3. Go to Windows update>Check for updates.

4. Click on view optional updates then check for updates and update drivers from the listed options.


How to reinstall the Graphics drivers

Updating graphics drivers is a good manner for smooth operation however manufacturers of graphics card releases the latest updates periodically to extend better support, improve the experience, fix bugs, and more to improve productivity.

If you have a new version of the graphics drivers update you can directly download and install the graphics drivers from the manufacturing graphics cards support like NVIDIA GeForce, Intel graphics, or Intel Radeon support assistant.  instead of using the Windows update section.

The installation of graphics drivers is easy to install no tech help need for drivers update so once downloaded you can double-click on the downloaded files and run the executable file and click next for installing the driver that’s now installed graphics drivers.

Install the graphics drivers from the support

In case you don’t wish to update the drivers from the graphics card manufacturer support then you may update the drivers manually or automatically from the brand manufacturer site support such as Dell, Lenovo & HP, and follow the procedure for installation on how to update the drivers.


How to Rollback Graphics Drivers

Rollback drivers are one of the key steps when the device drivers not working or are corrupted this may happen when updated drivers or windows are updated in this scenario you can roll easily roll back the drivers when you feel the drivers won’t work or something goes wrong on your computer like system slow working, files take slow opening or files open and close automatically.

To rollback drivers:

  1. Go to device manager>double click on the display adapters
  2. Select the graphics drivers and right click then go to properties
  3. Once opened properties windows look at the driver’s tab then open it
  4. in the drivers tab click on Rollback drivers

How to determine if the driver updated successfully

You can cross-check whether the graphics driver is updated successfully or not on your computer when you attempt to install the drivers.

It is simple and easy to check the driver’s update status simply go to the device manager and click on the driver which you want to check the status of the drivers.

Right-click on the drivers and click on the properties

in device drivers properties check the status of the drivers update successfully
Drivers status












This article explained everything about device drivers such as drivers update, rollback, and how to check the driver updates status in several ways drivers update are the most important factor to run the computer for smooth operation so we recommend making a habit of drivers update and avoid so many bugs and repair cost unnecessary if you have any computer questions you can ask me anytime in the comment box.


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