The web camera not working or getting errors as the camera is not detected or a blank screen when you open the

camera in Windows 10 or Windows 11, it is possible to missing drivers, cables not properly plugged,  loose connection, damaged, or sometimes the camera is blocked by antivirus. if you are experiencing any of the above causes then.

follow the steps below carefully



Make sure the camera privacy setting is on.

  1. Type the privacy setting in the search bar and open it from the list.

2. Select Camera from the left pane.

3. Make sure that option should be enabled under “Allow apps to access your camera”.


4. You can choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your camera.

5. Check if it might work if not then follow the Next steps.


 Reset the camera application.


1. Type camera in the search bar and open the camera from the list of menus.

2. Select the camera and right-click then click on reset and confirm you want to reset the camera.


3. once the camera reset is done close the settings and restart the system and check if it resolves the issue.


 Uninstall and Reinstall the camera drivers.


1. Right-click on the taskbar and click on Device Manager from the menu list.

2. You may click on the View tab> Select or click on the  “Show Hidden Device

3. Double-click or expand the “Camera”

4. Select the Camera driver under the camera device> Right click> Uninstall Device

5. Restart the System and check if the Camera starts working


Note:  Manual Reinstall the Camera Driver is not required, windows will attempt to reinstall the camera drivers automatically when you restart the system.

To make sure that your system has up to date so it helps you to find easy ways.

 Run Antivirus Scan


Antivirus can cause them to stop working camera make sure that you should Run a full scan to find any threats from the virus scan Antivirus is one of the reasons to stop working camera so

 Update the latest Windows

1. Click start and go to settings or press the Windows key + I key to open the settings.

2. Click on update and security.

3. Check for updates.



Restore the System


If the issue still persists even after following the above steps with the various troubleshooting but do not worry further, windows system restoration will resolve the issue.

If the System restore point is not available or not created you can Reset the windows or reinstall the windows 

  1. Type the control panel in the search bar then open the control panel from the list of menus.


2.  Click on Recovery options. and go to the next options.


3. Click on System Restore 

4. Then Click on the next option

5. Select The latest Restore point, to make sure that you should select the restore point in which you were not facing the issue before you created the system restore point.

6. Click on finish and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are still experiencing problems with the camera issue you should check if any scratches on the camera lens or system then take the system to the service center for fixing the issue if the system is still under warranty you can contact the manufacturer’s support for a warranty claim if no physical damage happened.



Why my laptop camera shows a Blank Screen?

To make sure that the privacy shutter should enable or slide the shutter to start the camera and a Blank screen or dark can cause low light conditions or a dark environment, make sure the camera uses a well bright background, and adjust the display screen brightness.


 How do I install the camera driver?

Manual installation is not required for camera driver installation if you accidentally uninstall the camera driver or missing the drivers you just restart the system so Windows will attempt to reinstall the camera drivers automatically.


 Why is my laptop camera shows blurry?

Check if any scratches on the lens or if it may smudge on the lenses so clean the lens with a smooth dry cloth and don’t use a wet cloth to clean the system or camera lens.


 How do I enable the laptop camera?

Turn on the app permission from the camera settings, and open camera privacy settings>scroll down and turn on the app permission which apps can access your camera.


How do I block the camera from the settings?

Open settings and click on Privacy under Allow apps to access your camera you can disable it so you can’t use the camera on any apps.


How to enable the camera option in BIOS settings?

  • Restart the system and press F2 or Delete or F10 to access the BIOS setting.
  • From the left pane click on advanced>system configuration.
  • Under Web camera, you can able to disable and enable the camera.
  • Make sure that you should click on apply changes if any changes are made.


 How can I check whether my laptop camera is working or not?

You can test the camera in a webcam mic test online not only this website there are many sites available to check the camera. this is the most recommended webcam mic test.


Why is my laptop’s web camera light blinking even camera is off?

Check if any settings are configured on the audio app setting like the Dell wave audio pro app if you are configured for the camera simply reset the app and restart the system and check camera light turns off.


Why my Dell laptop shows a 0*A00F4244 error?

This is happening on most of all laptops you can fix the error by resetting the camera app and uninstalling the camera drivers, disabling and enabling the camera option.


 Why is my laptop camera light not blinking but is the camera working fine?

Simply restart the system and check if the still light not starting you can reset the BIOS defaults.

  • Restart the system.
  • Access BIOS Meny by pressing F2, Delete, or F10 keys.
  • Click on restore settings, load defaults or press F9 to set up defaults.
  • You should save the settings after BIOS defaults and then exit the BIOS.
  • You can check whether the light starts working or not.
  • Still not working check if any damage occurred before the issue starts.

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