There are many reasons for a laptop not powering on. These could be either laptop charging port (DC in port), Motherboard, or might issue battery.

Many users are frustrated when their laptop not powering on or suddenly the laptop turning off during important

work now not to worries more if the laptop not turning on this article helps you to find the exact issue on your computer.

below providing the guided steps you can follow the step by steps on all things to do take a few minutes to know what’s happening on your computer.


Find the Battery LED status


Check if there are any signs of power on your system when you press the power button to find the sign of power first of all you need to disconnect external peripherals from your laptop

Find the Charger LED status and laptop charging port LED status by connecting the working power cable which is shipped with the laptop

if there charging port LED on then you can follow the No post troubleshooting steps to find the hardware faulty, if there is a keyboard light on and the charging indicator is good and still, no something on the screen then troubleshoot with no video issue might be an issue with the screen.

Make sure if no screen issue on your computer then you may consider following the no-power issue

However, if your laptop’s charging port light is not on and even no sign of power it is possible with the hardware components.


Check with an alternate power cable

To verify the power supply first you should verify the power source and whether the power source working fine or if any intermittent connections if the power source is strong with the standard current flow then check with an alternate power cable if available to you.

The faulty power cable can cause the battery to stop charging so we always recommended to all connect with an external power cable so you can verify the battery indication easily.

Perform a Hard reset on Your Computer

Hard reset without removing the battery

Before performing the hard reset remove all cables and any peripheral devices such as USB drives, docking stations, printers, etc. There could be startup problems or incompatibility components.

Once disconnect the external devices from your computer and then if your laptop turning on the system or not if it still

no sign of power you may perform a hard reset on your laptop.

Hold the power button for 30 seconds and release the power button and wait for 15 seconds then try powering on and check.

Make sure that your laptop power button is free from dust and sticky check if any dust accumulated or if any debris on the power button.

Check if any Beep sound coming from the laptop if yes there is surely indicated an issue with the hardware components you need to replace the RAM or motherboard contact your manufacturer for further support

if your laptop has under warranty or contact the local technician to replace the faulty hardware.

Hard reset by Removing the Battery

Remove the Battery Bottom cover with the help of the suitable screwdrivers

You can refer to the manual from your system manufacturer support on how to remove the bottom cover

Once you remove the battery then connect the charger and try powring on if the issue still not powering on the might issue with the DC in port or Battery

Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds then wait for 10 seconds and connect the battery properly and cable connected properly.

To avoid any damages kindly refer to the manual on how to remove the bottom cover as well as Battery.



Why is my Dell laptop not turning?

There may be an issue with the charging or an issue with the motherboard make sure your laptop charger connects correctly check the power outlet and battery port might be loose or wear & tear.

Why is my laptop won’t charging even plugged in properly?

Check if there is a sign of battery charging indication or charging port LED indication and make sure that your laptop charger power wattage is correctly matched and check if any AC adapter is damaged or insulation peel off.

What are the differences between No power & No post?

No power: When you press the power button no light indication, no keyboard light up and the system not booting into Windows and there is completely no sign of light indication.

No Post: Power on self-test checks the series of components checking when you press the power button if any one component failed the system doesn’t boot into Windows.

What is a No Video?

When you press the power button the power on self-test checks successfully and system LED indications such as keyboard lighting up and caps lock LED on & off and even you may hear a Windows login sound but the screen is blank.

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