Microsoft Edge browser is a part of Microsoft and one of the best and most secure browsers Microsoft significantly performance, speed improvement, and import and export the browser history with easy steps made by Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge users worldwide The Microsoft Edge browser is compatible with both Laptop and Desktop users Internet Explorer now called Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge

This article helps you on how to download and install the Microsoft Edge browser on your computer and what features are inside the Microsoft Edge such as tools and settings.

Here few reasons why users use the Microsoft Edge browser

Key Points:

  • Safe & Secure browsing
  • Taking Back Control with tracking prevention
  • Password Monitor
  • private Browsing
  • Accessing a variety of tools
  • Earn reward points using Bing Search

Follow the below articles briefly explained one by one about Edge Browser features it’s just really awesome there are a few listen to things mentioned of benefits and more.

Safe & Secure Browsing

The latest version of Microsoft Edge has been updated it has come up with many features Microsoft Edge browser is one of the most secure Microsoft Edge browsers you can know your personal experience compared to other web browsers you can get the best 4K streaming with the latest movies and much more the Edge browser promises a smoother and amazing viewing experience. Microsoft Edge browser users are gradually increasing in the world.

Microsoft Edge browser is enhanced with high security and blocking of third-party and unsecured browsers you can browse things online with tracking prevention levels Microsoft Edge counts with secure internet browsing.

Taking Back Control with tracking prevention

Tracking Prevention option in Microsoft Edge’s new features added such as Basic, Balanced, and Srtict options which you from being followed by websites that you can’t access directly it gives more options for what you don’t and what don’t you see on the web so you can select based on your activity online I probably selected Strict option for my child because it is protected me and my child thanks to Microsoft team to enable the excellent option it is more protected from online unethical activities.

Password monitor

If your system was preinstalled with Microsoft Edge so you will only passwords that you have saved on the browser millions of online people’s data was used in data breaches in the Microsoft Edge browser to keep your account safe from online hackers Microsoft Edge browser monitors the password when you enable this option you will be notified by password monitor that you can change the username and password in Microsoft Edge automatically if you know which password is leaked go to settings and click on profile passwords and now after scanning selects the details password is insecure so that you can change the password.

Private browsing

If you are using someone else computer and start browsing in a normal browser and saved your activity in your browsing history automatically these things get frustrating and make feeling not better when you try deleting your activity it takes some time to delete the history.

In private mode, browsing protects your privacy when start using private browsing it cannot save any browser history, cookies, etc. The option is available in the latest Microsoft Edge Desktop browser it offers private search with Bing so when you want to surf the internet you can start by using personal Bing search.

Accessing a variety of tools

Quick Access variety of tools such as  AI-powered tools and apps etc within the Microsoft Edge sidebar, a variety of tools helps you to load the best experience that allows you can customize the text and listen to the article read by using the option of an immersive reader and their chat Bing option has been added where you can ask questions and answers and more without opening another tab.


Earn reward points using Bing Search

Microsoft has started a new earning program Join, Earn & Redeem you will get more rewards points and much more benefits when you start using Bing and Microsoft Edge there is two option provided you can redeem the points for a gift, and donations if you are a donator you can donate the reward point that those you don’t need so it helps them really because it is more impact when donations help so join the reward program and earn points the option available in the latest Microsoft Edge.

Download and install the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser from the given official link.


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