You know these amazing keyboard shortcuts and tricks you need to become a computer expert and made work easy, save your time, and work fastly. You know the keyboard shortcuts is a combination of keys that when pressed together, perform a specific function and you know the keyboard shortcuts on the keyboard.

Already everyone knows about the popular shortcut keys CTRL+C and CTRL+V key to make a copy and paste


Here are some most common shortcut keys that are published



key enables you to find the word Simply press the Ctrl + F keys combination, and a search box pops up.

Type in the word or phrase you are looking for it, and the search engine will highlight every instance of the term within the document page.



Ctrl+S key, You can save files by using these combination keys, is one of the most basic yet essential system functions that everyone should use.

This shortcut is particularly useful when working on large projects or even when simply making minor edits.

Pressing Ctrl+S while working, to make sure that the user’s progress is saved and easily accessible at any time. should remember to use this shortcut regularly you can save yourself from a lot of stress and frustration in the long run.



These keys are powerful combination keys to access the task manager, these three keys press down simultaneously and open up the Task Manager.



a task management utility that displays all the programs running on your system. This superb feature is especially useful when your system seems to be lagging or frozen & system not responding. With the Task Manager, you may quickly identify which program is causing the issue and choose to either end that task or restart your computer. Additionally, you can check the system’s overall performance by using these shortcut keys, CPU usage, and RAM (memory) usage. Overall, the ctrl+shift+esc key combination is an essential tool for efficiently managing your system’s resources.

Windows key + L key

Windows key +L key is an amazing shortcut key that can save you a lot of time and hassle-free. By pressing these two keys combination, you can quickly lock your system screen without having to go through the long process of logging out or shutting down options from your system.



This is most useful when you have to leave your system unattended for a short period of time, or when you would want to protect your sensitive information and other data from burning eyes. By locking your system, you may ensure that nobody can pick your personal files & folders, programs, or online accounts without your permission. So, if you cannot use this best shortcut, it’s time to start incorporating it into your everyday system routine.

ALT+TAB keys


As we know that time is valuable and navigating through a desktop with several applications running could be frustrating and time-more consuming. However, with the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut keys, you may switch between open windows instantly and seamlessly without breaking your work progress. By holding down the “Alt” key and tapping the “Tab” key, you may toggle between the open applications of your desktop, letting you move quickly between programs and accomplish tasks like never before. From word processing to browsing the internet, Alt+Tab can significantly increase your productivity and efficiency in the workplace. So that next time you can find yourself getting bogged down by a clogged desktop, remember the magic of Alt+Tab.





As PC users, we have faced the frustration of accidentally closing a tab we were working on, whether it was due to a misclick or a sudden power outage. Moreover, there is just a simple shortcut that you can save from starting all over again the “Ctrl+Shift+T” keyboard shortcut.

This feature is a time saver for those of us who value quality productivity and efficiency. With just a few keystrokes, you could reopen the last closed tab in your web browser, saving us a lot of time and the struggle of having to manually retrieve your lost work. While this seems like an awesome shortcut key, it is a testament to how technology is gradually evolving to make your lives easier.




The Ctrl+Shift+N key is open in incognito browsing you can browse without saving history, cookies, and other personal data, however, your personal browsing keep confidential.



These keys are used mostly in documents and web pages when you press the ctrl+home key the cursor starts from the document’s beginning

if you press the ctrl+end key the cursor reaches the end of the documents or webpage

CTRL+P key


This shortcut key is best for those who are using printing the easiest way and more quickly, the ctrl+p key shortcut keys save your work time and more efficiently so please save the hotkey to make a print shortcut for your document.

Windows+D key

keyboard keys

These shortcut keys are one of the best shortcut keys for all computer users must know about these essential keys to show their desktops by using these hotkeys. if you open a dozen files or pages on your computer you will see the desktop by pressing the windows+ D key.



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