Reset the Windows Adminstrator password is now very easy so don’t worry if you forgot the Windows administrator password there are many ways to reset the password this article helps you to reset Windows with various methods even if you don’t have administrator rights these steps are applicable to both platforms for Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Lost Windows password is very difficult but we will make sure that we will share a simple method so you can recover the password or reset the password.


1. Reset the administrator password with Microsoft account.

You can reset the password with the help of the Microsoft account page this is one of the methods to reset or recover a password.

Your system will be back to a working state by following the methods below

1. Open a Microsoft account and log on to the page.



2. Click on Forget Password.

3. Once click on forget the password then go walkthrough and follow the onscreen instructions.

4. You can configure the new password to proceed further.

5. You can add a hint to recover the password without logging in to Microsoft password.


If you are still unable to succeed with the password or failed to recover the password then do not worry we can try another method to recover or reset the password.


2. Reset the password using the Windows lock screen

  1. Click on forget the password.

2. Click on Reset password on the sign-in option.

3. Answer the security questions to identify yourself.

4. You can set the new password.


3. How to change the password

Windows 10 & Windows 11 allows you make change the password with easy steps, in the sign-in option you can configure so many options like changing the password, changing the user name, signing in to windows hello face & adding member, and creating more with your around.

You can have a new experience to add more features who are using Windows 11.

Here is a full guide on how to change the password from the sign-in options

  1. Open the setting app by pressing the Windows key  I key together or

windows settings


2. alternatively, you can type the password in the search bar.

3.   Click on the password


4. Once click on the password a drop-down appears then click on the change option, this option allows you to change the password.

5. You can change the password when clicking on change, add a password hint this option you must select you cannot step out further without adding something in the password hint you can add anything that helps you recover or reset the password if you forget in the feature.

6. Click on Finish


Once configured you can now restart your device and try logging in to Windows with the new password which you created earlier.

4. How to create a password Reset Disk

The User sometimes forgets their password so which creates authentication issues there are two methods for resolving this issue.

It allows users to recover their passwords without affecting their personal data, you can create a password reset disk, which could store the password reset data on a USB pen drive.

To Create a Password Reset Disk


  1. Type the control panel in the search bar and open it from the menu.
  2. Click on the User Account and Family Safety >User Accounts.
  3. The User Accounts window appears.
  4. From the left side, you should click on Create a password reset disk.

Control panel

You will prompt “Welcome to the Forgotten Password Wizard”

5. Click the Next button

6. The Create a Password Reset Disk screen prompt.

7. Select the USB device and Click the Next button, in the menu you will get the current user Account password screen.

8. Enter the password in the current user account password box and click the next button.

9. after the process is complete then click on the next button ” The completing Forgotten password wizard screen appears”


Once finished you should click on the finish button to close the completing the forgot password wizard screen.

You should place a safe place to protect the pen drive for resetting the password if you forget the password in the feature.


In this article, you have learned step by step how to create the password reset disk additionally you have learned on to reset the password from the Windows login screen, the below steps guide you to reset the password using a USB device.

To Recover the password using the password Reset Disk

  1. In the log-in screen, click on the reset password button to reset the password.
  2. make sure that you have inserted a USB device to reset the password.


If you tried the above methods and still can’t recover or reset the password then it issues with the operating system you can restore the system, reset the system or reinstall the operating system without your personal data being deleted.

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