Microsoft is Rolling up new patches to improve their security this update fix the security issue and enhanced the security of Windows 11.

The Microsoft released newest Windows update security patches (OS build 22000.1936) these updates included were part of the Windows update, and this update helps you to fix the LAPS(Local Administrator Password Solution) you may have experienced with the local security authority subsystem services (LSASS) that stop responding these error occurred when operating system process that has multiple accounts. The leads have a violation error code is 0×00000o5.

There are two ways to update the security patch KB5026368, update from the Windows update console or update the Microsoft catalog.


Make sure your system is up to date with the latest patches to avoid unknown bugs on your computer this

updates might improve your computer security issues.


How to update the Windows security patches

Update patches from the Windows update section.

To launch the Windows update setting

  1. Press Windows + I key to lunch the settings or press the Windows key on your keyboard and click on click settings (gear icon).

2. Click on Update & Security from the list

3. Then click on check for updates and wait till detecting the new updates from Microsoft.

4. If sill windows update not initiating or no downloading automatically you may restart the system and try updating the Windows.

4. If updates aren’t installed or getting errors you can follow this article.


Try Updating from Microsoft Catalog


if still updates are not installed or getting some kind of error then no more worries we suggest you simplest way to install the patches.

Simply Go to Microsoft website and then enter the number in the search bar and click on search

for example KB5026368

Once downloaded you can just double-click on the downloaded files and run the setup files to initiate the updates of Build number KB5026368, make sure that your system has a stable internet connection during the updates don’t interrupt the updates that can lead to cause corrupt the Windows so keep in mind this point before updating the windows patches on your computer.


Windwos updates error

Computer users may be frustrated when Windows updates failed even after trying so many times worry not here I guide you on what to do and how to fix the error if you face this such issues.


Restart the Windows update services

to do follow the steps below

  1. Go to the Run command by pressing Windows + R key.
  2. Type services.msc in the box and hit enter.
  3. Search the Windows update in the list of services.
  4. Select the Windows update and open it.



5. In the startup type select Automatic.

6. Service status should start mode, click on start if services stopped.

7. Once done you must restart the system and try updating the windows.


if still Windows updates are not installed or giving some kind of error then go through this link Windows update failed for details check.


Make sure that your system has a good internet connection and try updating the Windows, windows updates help you to protect from malware so strongly recommended for your system has up to date.


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