• Many users are waiting for the upgrade to Windows 12 with the unique features
  • This Article provides you with Microsoft 12 complete information
  • Windows 12 release date and minimum computer requirements Microsoft will be planning to lunch Windows 12 but how for it takes to release it soon

Microsoft will lunch Windows 12 with many benefits and improved features so they’re exciting the world about what features are inside Windows 12 and what minimum requirements are required to get Windows 12

Earlier Microsoft had launched Windows 11 launched on  2021, October 5, so it excited many peoples and currently running Windows 11 so many computer users

When Windows 12 will release?

It is not possible to say when Windows 12 will release because no official news spreading from Microsoft however Windows 12 may release in the year 2024 as other sources believed.

Windows 12 Features

As we conduct tech survey the Windows 12 features upgraded totally from Windows 11 and so many benefits added as compared to Windows 11 nowadays trending Artificial Intelligent (AI) so based on this there is Windows 12 will come up with AI however we cannot say exactly what features included in Windows 12 however we can predict based on the below hierarchy


These features might be expected in Windows 12

  • Floating Search bar at the top
  • Changes lock screen and Notifications
  • Redesign the start menu with Quick access apps
  • Enhanced File Explorer view
  • A very look attractive Desktop


Windows 12 Configuration Expected

let’s explain Windows 12 configuration and minimum requirements based on the operating system and speculate what can we expect.

RAM- 8 GB Minimum

Storage- 64 GB

Processor- 64 Bit & CPU speed -1 GHz

TPM (Trusted Platform Module)- 2.0

System Firmware- UEFI With Secure Boot


The above-mentioned minimum configuration is required for eligible to install Windows 12 otherwise we don’t recommend that the configuration is less than unless the system hardware is damaged however even no one knows the right configuration of Windows 12 until clear instructions from Microsoft.

Here are some deep explain of the configuration


Currently, Windows 11 supports a minimum of 4GB RAM for operation here you can upgrade RAM up to 32 GB based on your system hardware supports windows 12 can expect the RAM to support at least a minimum of 8GB required for smooth operation and we can expect the capable of the operating system massive element of the RAM (Random Access Memory).


Since so many upgraded Windows by Microsoft always required 64 Bit storage for running better performance and booting fast enhanced security and provide good support RAM.

since Eariler 32-Bit for older versions of Windows like XP and Vista however, Windows upgraded gradually and consistently in the new operating system.


Since Windows 7, 8 & 10  versions supported a 1 GHz 32 Bit & 64 Bit processor but when Microsoft launched a new version of Windows 11 minimum support processor was Dual Core 1GHz, 64Bit Moreover Windows 12 supports only 64Bit processors this is what all expect the minimum things.


TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a small chip that authenticates your computer and provides more security these TPM include a certificate, password, and encrypted keys and TPM protects you more with trustworthy authentication upcoming Windows 12 provides TPM 2.1 so no compromise in the security it will give strong authentication from malware and unauthorized access.

System Firmware

The firmware allows communication between software & hardware for smooth operation for secure boot required system firmware UEFI mode to strong delivery data which is more protected the data as well as hardware components These can be more in Windows 12 version there is no matter how they build Windows 12 version can see in the next few months.


Can Windows 12 Free Upgrade

Of course, you can upgrade to Windows 12 Home from Windows 11 Home Version as seek earlier there was a free upgrade to Windows 11 Home from Windows 10 Home as soon as minimum configuration requires however if you want to upgrade to Windows 12 Pro you need to buy the product key from Windows 11 Home.

There should be a wait for another official newsletter from Microsoft about what they can expect to release Windows 12 so waiting for the world.


How to upgrade Windows 12

There are several ways and options available to upgrade to Windows 12 however official has not been released Windows 12 or any other sources can upgrade to Windows 12 as soon as Microsoft launches officially moreover we can provide some steps on how to upgrade the Windows from the older version to the new version.

There is the easiest way to upgrade from the older version to a newer version firstly you can check the minimum requirements to upgrade if the system reaches targets then start the update from the below steps.

Go to Windows settings by pressing Windows + I key

Click on Update & Security options

You will see there is some option visible on the screen like check for updates and you may get it latest Windows by clicking on that option or you may have received a message from Microsoft as the system is eligible for the latest version of Windows either you can click on this option to get the latest one.

An alternate option you can download an ISO file and install the Windows manually you can go through the Microsoft website and install the Windows as tech suggested to get back up the data before you start the process of Windows reinstallation.



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